30th Anniversary Festival-May 23rd, 2010

On May 23rd, 2010, the Boston FNB Chapter hosted the 30th Anniversary Festival of Food Not Bombs. This page is a collection of media related to the festival…


Join Food Not Bombs in celebrating our 30th birthday!

Boston Common Sunday, Sunday May 23rd 2010, 12-5pm

Boston’s Food Not Bombs chapter is currently organizing this one-day celebration to commemorate the Food Not Bombs movement’s birth and history. Food Not Bombs was born out of a collective in Boston/Cambridge in the early 80’s and has since spread all over the world.

We’re setting up a day of celebration on the Boston Common May 23rd with live music, theater, workshops, interactive table spaces, exhibits, kids’ activities, and a picnic. We are currently holding weekly open planning meetings every Wednesday at 7:30pm at Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth Street in Jamaica Plain. We welcome new faces and ideas!

We’re still looking for workshop facilitators and tablers. We will also need some volunteers day of, to help us set-up and breakdown, to welcome people to the festival ground and to help with kids’ activities. If you are interested in getting involved please email our general address at fnbboston@gmail.com. We are also on facebook, where you can tell us you’re coming! If you would like to come but don’t know anyone in Boston to crash with, let us know and we’ll try to hook you up with a couch or a comfy sleeping bag on one of our friends’ floors. Also, if you have any couch or floor space to offer up, let us know!

Festival Want List

Hey everyone, so this is the Festival want list. Basically, we are still looking for some things/people for the May 23rd festival (see the tab above for more info) that could be really handy. Please contact us if you can help us out with anything.

These are:

-Picnic Blankets

-Food donations (the week ahead of time for uncooked, day of for cooked)

-Tents, tables or chairs (the fewer we have to rent the better)

-Catering gear (aluminum pans, big coolers, sterno set-ups, racks, etc)

-General volunteers for the festival (contact us for more info, there’s lots of different stuff we need help with)

-A big kitchen near the Boston Common on the 23rd (we’re working on it, trust me)