Who We Are

Food Not Bombs is a world-wide movement made up of over 1,000 independent chapters that provide free food to their local communities. The main ideology of Food Not Bombs is that food is a right, not a privilege.  Food Not Bombs provides free vegan meals to the public, regardless of whether one is hungry or food secure. We recognize that there is so much food wasted in this country, and yet people are still starving. We see this as violence.

We are structured non-hierarchically, which means we organize ourselves from within, and there is no one person telling everyone else what to do.

We make decisions based on consensus, which means we collaborate and synthesize all of our ideas and opinions until we reach a decision that we all feel is best for the group.

We are an open organization, which means that we are always welcoming all kinds of new volunteers and strive to be inclusive. No cooking experience necessary! Rumor has it, people who start cooking with us never cook food in small quantities again. If you’re interested in how all this craziness came about, read about the history of Food Not Bombs. It’s super interesting! Food Not Bombs originally started in Cambridge in 1980 and has remained active ever since, although the group is always changing. Come meet the current group of dedicated volunteers!