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Resume and Curriculum Vitae Tips for 2019

Resume tips 2019 are designed to expose the different mistakes one makes in the resume and ways to avoid them so that your application grabs the attention needed to be selected. A Curriculum Vita is like sales pitch where you not only try and exhibit your plus points and your skills but also convince the reader who is the recruiter or hiring manager to consider you as the best prospect for the job. A good resume is always capable of tactfully converting the cons or the weaknesses in to some kind of pros or strengths.

Curriculum Vitae – What It Is Not

Before you begin writing Curriculum Vitae, you obviously read what it is.

However, as per resume tips 2019 you actually need to know what the document is all about.

Once you know that, you automatically will be able to draft the right kind of document. According to the rules, your Curriculum Vitae are not the following things:

  • List of your qualifications
  • Explanation of your failures
  • A platform for personal expression
  • A catalogue of your job experiences
  • A form that you fill and hence do not just fill the blanks in the CV templates with information

Don’t Miss Out On The Dream Job In 2019According to the resume tips 2019, a Curriculum Vita must reflect your passion. Here you need to describe all that you have achieved till date and hence it includes your education, work experience and other interests. The reason it includes your strengths and weaknesses is so that they can be matched with your job profile and the requirements of the opening. With the assistance of good resume editing services and an impressive job cover letter attached, you can target your dream job very easily.

Reasons to have a Curriculum Vita

Everything that one does has a purpose. When you are drafting such an important document, it definitely has to have a serious reason which is going to help you in the long run. So does having a Curriculum Vita just because everyone does and it is obviously mandatory before appearing for an interview a good reason. Obviously not. If you are making a Curriculum Vita just because it is compulsory, then the company will not hesitate in rejecting it too. Following are few of the reasons that are mentioned in the resume tips 2019:

  • The biggest reason to write a Curriculum Vita or have it is to pass an interview. You need a striking document if you want to land up in your dream job.
  • As per the rules, whether you write a sales resume, a customer service resume or anything else, it will present you in good light before the employer.
  • Another reason why you need a Curriculum Vita is to be selected in the screening process when you apply for the job opening.
  • It is also required so that the employer is updated with your contact information.
  • In some cases, it makes the company aware of your previous employers and that can sometimes impress the recruiter.
  • To display your writing skills especially when it comes to professional writing or business writing. This is also the reason for you to take help from a professional CV writer so that you create the perfect first impression with the writing skills.
  • It is also a form of your business card. As per the list of rules, there are many situations when you would have to submit your application for job to different influential people. Hence you must generally have a copy of Curriculum Vitae with you always.
  • One more reason for is that you can hand it over to the prospective employers so that they can update their personnel records and can contact you in case suitable job positions are open.
  • The document that you will submit will also act as your commitment that you are looking out for a job change or new job opportunities.

Create a super first impression

The resume tips 2019 are the best and most updated suggestions to make the functional resumes superior as compared to the others. However, if you compare any generic Curriculum Vitae with the guidelines set out, then you will realize that the information, layout, designing everything is quite inappropriate and inadequate. It is time that you prepare a new Curriculum Vita so as to win the employer’s attention and reach the final interview stage.

Following are the resume tips 2019 with which you can prepare your resume from the scratch:

  • First and foremost, you need to know the goal, purpose or aim of writing one.
  • Secondly, on a rough piece of paper make a note of all your qualities, work profile, strengths, weaknesses and qualifications.
  • You must use these qualities skillfully. Try and associate them with the work that you do instead of listing them under a heading ‘qualities’. This will definitely make you stand out from that of others.
  • The next most important thing is to have a good cover letter. You could take ideas from the cover letter templates for this.
  • In the age of internet where it is easy to find most things by typing a few words, your Curriculum Vitae must have the right words.
  • Most recruiters look out for specific keywords when searching for suitable candidates. Hence your Curriculum Vitae must include such clear and concise words. As per the list of rules, this is a crucial step to ensure you are short listed as these days most hiring managers go for keyword search to filter out the most appropriate ones initially.
  • The title plays a great role. If the title is not impressive then recruiters may not even screen you for the interview. Hence even if you are qualified for the job, you will not be seen.
  • Always proof read your document before submitting it. Most candidates make at least one spelling or grammatical mistake.
  • It must clearly denote the passion behind the objectives and goals you have in life and how you are working towards them.
  • Bullet points are a great way to make it look impressive.
  • Keep the approach as professional as possible.

There are many other tips that one can follow from the resume tips 2019 but the most important is to be honest.