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The Fresh Graduate’s 10 First Day Of Work Tips

Most graduates have a shock the first time they enter the job market and discover things are not as they expected. The surprise is even bigger the moment they get their first job and go to the first day of work. In order to avoid unpleasant rookie surprises, here’s what you should do:


The majority of graduates are very idealistic when it comes to their first job. They expect to be received in a company, to be allowed to solve the company’s most important problems and to go home after, feeling extremely content by what they did. But things don’t really happen like this. Your first responsibilities will be far from being great or even interesting. So expect worse and hope for better.


A student’s life does not match the rigid life in the working environment anymore. You were used to having all things spread around your desk, not anymore. If you leave the impression you are not being organized at the office, your colleagues will believe you do the same when it comes to your work as well. And you don’t want them to even suspect that.


On the first day at work, you’ll be given tasks you won’t know how to handle. The secret is to watch how everybody else are doing something so try to stay close to the people you would like to be like, observe their actions, listen to what they say and practically do what they do.


Up to now, you spent your time doing whatever you liked doing, whenever you wanter and however you wanted. But now you are going to be part of a team. So find your own place inside this team and begin interacting with the others. Place yourself in their position, but not before you leave pride aside.


You must learn to communicate with the others in a relatively short period and the best way to do that is to first listen to them. Maintain eye contact and immediately approve and conclude what has been said to you.


Whenever you are facing a new, unknown situation, you tend to stand aside and let the more experienced take care of it. But that shouldn’t be the case on your first day at work. Show you have initiative! The secret is being helpful without showing arrogance. When you are not totally confident in your strengths, you are inclined to hide your fears and replace them with aggressiveness. The key is to be ACTIVE, not aggressive.


Time is money and your employer expects you to earn it by working fast and effective. Avoid rhythm interruptions and don’t allow yourself any distractions. Also, leave aside the old student’s bad habit: POSTPONEMENT.


As a student, it was normal to lose your temper from time to time. It was even normal to enter conflicts. But you cannot do that at work anymore. Boasting about how great you are or how powerful you are will only prove you are being an immature and unprofessional individual. There’s no place for losing your temper, especially on your first day at work. So count to five, take a deep breath or take a short break when you feel you need one.


While in college, you could select your friends but you cannot choose who you work with at the office. And it is natural that you won’t like all of them. Even more, most of them won’t like you either. Whenever you step into difficult people, the best thing to do is to avoid establishing any relations with them. Don’t even think of entering a competition or a conflict with them!


There will be a lot of difficult situations on your first day at work. And this is not college, where a teacher could have helped you solve your problems. You’re on your own now. If you get stuck with a problem, try to find the best solution possible and ask your superior for his approval or opinion. In both situations, he will appreciate that you are being interested in your work. And this cannot be a bad start.