Anti-Oppression Policy

Food Not Bombs is part of an anti-capitalist movement that seeks to end oppression in all forms. Capitalism produces many of these (e.g. wage slavery, poverty, hunger) and we seek to help abolish these forces. However, we also recognize that other forms of oppression exist within our society as prejudices and institutionalized disempowerment. These include racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, ableism, transphobia, classism, ethnic supremacy, xenophobia, and other such beliefs. We seek to alleviate the suffering caused by oppression and also work as a group to not allow these tendencies to exist within our circles. 

We hope to create a space at our meals for political discussion and free association. However, instances of oppressive behavior have happened, as they tend to, when dealing with the public at large. When someone comes to our meal and says racist comments or anything of the sort we want to challenge those behaviors in a respectful manner. We hope to educate others and challenge these beliefs as a group and help create a safer space for discussion at our meals, in our kitchens, and the rest of our lives.

Please help us by challenging what society has taught us in order to create a more equal and sustainable world.