New stuff + Honk Parade

Hey everybody,

For the past ten months we’ve been serving a free weekly meal in Central Square that we cooked at Joseph’s house.  For the past five months we’ve also been doing a food rescue program over at Haymarket and delivering everything we can get to multiple shelters in the area.  We’re looking to expand but we need help.  We need you to come on out and cook.  We need kitchens.  We need locations to serve.  We need people to reach out to shelters and identify needs for the food from Haymarket. We need people to sort and carry the food. We need drivers to deliver the food. We need people who are willing to work on this website and social media.  We need people to compile and confirm resources in the community for those in need.  We need people to write literature to be handed out at the meals.   We need ideas on how to keep growing this thing we’ve been at for most of the year.  FNB used to do six meals a week out of three kitchens.  It’s not like the need for it has gone away.

If you want to get involved with the group head on over to the sign up sheet or come down to the weekly meeting at Encuentro 5 at 9A Hamilton Pl. in downtown Boston every Wednesday night at 7 p.m.  If you just want to stay informed about what we’re doing head on over to our email list sign up.  If you have a specific idea or way that you can help that isn’t any of those drop us a line.  Hopefully you’ll be hearing more from us on a more regular basis in the weeks and months to come.

Also, we’ll be marching in the Honk Parade this year.  Come on down and see the show or enjoy a meal with us at Winthrop Square just down the road from Harvard Square.  That’s where we’ll be serving.

And if you’re just hungry meet us in Central Square from 1-4 every Saturday.  We’d love to talk.