FNB is on a roll – come join us!

We’ve been busy; After supporting protests including the March on Monsanto, Black Live’s Matter protests, and First Night Against the Wars, we’re getting pumped for more!

 At the same time, some members have moved on, or will be soon, and we still need more core members. If you are at all interested, please come to our next meeting to learn more and get involved.
At our next meeting, we’ll be planning for the June 12th Dyke March event, as well as continuing to work on resources, and so on.
Please RSVP to our event, or if you cannot attend, take a moment to invite your friends!

One thought on “FNB is on a roll – come join us!

  1. Hi!

    I will be moving to Boston this August. I’ve helped with a few serves where I live now and I’d love to help with the Boston chapter once I get there. I will be in school and will not have a whole lot of free time, but I hope that I’ll have enough to get involved.

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