Potluck-style meeting on December 11th at E5!

The growing core of Boston FNB’ers would like to invite all that are interested in keeping the movement growing to a potluck-style meeting at Encuentro 5 (click link for directions), December 11th at 7PM.

This is a meeting of Food Not Bombs for all members – 1st-timers and all those who continue to build upon our history – at which we will do what we do best: share food!

Meet with us to discuss kitchens to cook out of, recent meals, sites for food donations, and also enjoy food with others who share our belief that food is a right, not a privilege.

Should you be able to bring a meal, please do so, but if you can’t, come along and help us consider methods for improving our food-sharing ways. (Please label your meal accordingly – e.g. vegan, potential allergins, etc.)

Please comment on, share, or RSVP to the Facebook Event Posting to help spread the word!

One thought on “Potluck-style meeting on December 11th at E5!

  1. While the “meeting” proper on 12/4 wasn’t much to speak of, at the same time it was oustanding! Just a few attended at the start, but they brought food and flyers which were then shared with the protesters demanding those in power to “protect and serve” us are held to the highest egalitarian standards. Congratulations to all those that attended, and proceeded to shut down various parts of Boston throughout the night to bring attention to the huge disparity of equitable treatment throughout our society! The peaceful protest was an honor for FNB to be a part of.

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