Occupy Boston: Food for the Revolution!

Food Not Bombs Boston is supporting Occupy Boston!

In the spirit of the recent popular uprisings in the Middle East and Europe, a movement to occupy our cities is sweeping the United States.  Starting in NYC at the Occupy Wall Street movement, now there are solidarity occupations in dozens of cities around the country. These occupations are a coming together of the 99% of the population which is oppressed by the outrageously wealthy 1% of our population who control the vast majority of the wealth and governmental action in the US and the world. It is the rise of a popular movement working towards a new world!

There will be a hot meal served at 3pm every day at the Occupy Boston encampment. A Food Working Group has been established for Occupy Boston, if you are interested in getting on the email list for that please go here. Food Not Bombs will be doing a great deal to support these meals, but we will not be cooking all of them ourselves, individuals and other groups are encouraged to work with Food Not Bombs and the Food Working Group to ensure the occupation receives the food and meals it needs to sustain and empower itself!

There is no better time than now to volunteer or donate with Food Not Bombs. We’ve got a very busy, exciting, and fun time ahead of us!

For Revolution!,
Food Not Bombs Boston

We’ve Moved Our Cooking Location!

As of September 1st 2011, Food Not Bombs Boston has moved its cooking location for all of our meals. We will now be cooking all of our meals (both Friday and Sunday) in Allston, MA. We will also be cleaning at this location and storing all of our equipment there throughout the week. There is a lot of space at the new location and we believe that FNB will benefit greatly from this move. Now is a great time to get involved and help out with Food Not Bombs!

Please email us at fnbboston@gmail.com for the address of the new location, or ask an FNB volunteer for it.