Sprout Spaghetti Dinner: Not Your Typical Library

You’re invited to
Not Your Typical Library
a sprout spaghetti dinner

This month’s sprout spaghetti dinner is next Wednesday night, January 12. It will be held at sprout‘s studios at 339R Summer St, just outside Davis Square in Somerville.  Spaghetti will be prepared by Food Not Bombs, with dinner served at 730PM and performances at 8PM.  There is a $10 suggested donation, but all are welcome.
This month’s theme is Not Your Typical Library.

We all know what public libraries are and that they’re in trouble.  Even in Somerville, we’re hearing about the funding battles and support campaigns underway.  At this month’s sprout spaghetti dinner, we’re going to look at a different set of libraries and library services–not your typical libraries.  Maybe they don’t traffic in books; maybe they aren’t run by the government; maybe they’re just bookcases in someone’s living room.  Whatever it is that sets these libraries apart, we want to hear their stories and how they handle issues that we traditionally associate with Public Libraries: access, censorship, safety, sharing, curation, and more.

Our performers will include ::
+ Sara Peattie and The Puppet Free Library
+ Anna Mudd and other members of The Papercut Zine Library
+ personal monologues sharing small-scale libraries in people’s homes and workplaces
+ with music from The Moondog Madrigal & The Spaghetti Dinner House Band

The Spaghetti Dinner House Band?!
Yes!  As always, there is an open invitation to play with the house band.  There will be a rehearsal Sunday January 9 @ 1PM @ sprout‘s studios.  All non-electric instruments and skill levels welcome!
If you have any questions, please email Shaunalynn Duffy at shaunalynn@thesprouts.org!
What is sprout? Visit their website to find out: http://thesprouts.org/