The Veggies United, Will Never Be Defeated! (FNB Boston at HONK! 2010)

On Sunday October 10th 2010, Food Not Bombs Boston participated in the HONK! Parade to “Reclaim the Streets for Horns, Bikes and Feet.” The parade featured all the HONK! bands plus Bread & Puppet Theater and many local arts and community organizations. We paraded from Davis Square to Harvard Square starting on Elm Street, then Beech Street onto Massachusetts Ave to Harvard Square.

This year, Food Not Bombs built a float for the parade, which we pulled with our longest bike cart. The 15 foot long float was built up as a “Corporate Food-Industry 18-Wheeler Truck.” The truck was made up to be owned and transporting products for Monsanto (one of the largest food-business corporations at the “growing food” level) and McDonald’s (one of the largest food-business corporations at the “food retail” level).

Thankfully, there were plentiful local, organic Vegetables (played by FNB volunteers and friends) nearby to stop the truck, and send a message to these corporations that their unsustainable practices, and dominance on food production and distribution can not stand. The Vegetables united to blockade the truck, and while it was stopped, encouraged the audience of the parade to step in and spray paint messages on the truck such as, “Food Justice” and “Money for Food, Not Bombs.” By the time the Monsanto & McDonald’s truck reached Harvard Square, the vegetables and audience had succeed in stopping it. The farmer driving the truck resigned from his job working for the corporations, and joined the vegetables and Food Not Bombs volunteers in serving a delicious, healthy, local, vegan meal to the hungry people at the end of the parade.

For more images from the Parade, check out our Flickr page here.

FNB in Honk! Parade!

We are psyched to announce that Food Not Bombs Boston will be in the Honk! Parade for the second year in a row. There will be a reprise of the beloved veggie costumes this year, plus the addition of an exciting, inflammatory float with built-in direct action, so be sure to come out for the festivities! If you’re not familiar with the Honk! Festival, it’s a must-see (or, must-hear, must-experience, maybe is more appropriate?) brass band festival that takes over Davis square for the weekend of October 8-10th, culminating in a parade from Davis to Harvard on Sunday. We will have our regularly scheduled Sunday meal in Harvard Square. Look forward to seeing you there!

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