30th Anniversary Festival Only 1 Week Away

Wow! Can’t believe it but our 30th anniversary celebration will be starting about a week from now. We are working hard to finalize our plans, making decorations, getting our bands ready to go, getting our bicycle-powered generator running, making signs, making a huge history book for people to look through, and much more

For those planning on attending, here’s a few things to remember:

Bring a blanket (if you want to picnic)

Bring food to share if you can. 

Wear Sunscreen if it’s bright and sunny (which we are hoping for).

So we have one more benefit show this friday at the Democracy Center at 45 Mt. Auburn St. Please contact us if you wish to make donations, every penny counts. The show starts at 7pm friday night, and is a partial FNB/H.E.L.L. benefit. 

Hope to see everyone next Sunday. Woot!