Infrequent Posts

Hi all,

If you’re interested in joining us please feel free to come out to the meal at Central Square every Saturday from 1-4 or email to get the address for where we cook in East Cambridge from 9-12. We rarely post here or send out emails but we haven’t missed a weekly meal in a year and two months alongside serving at the many protests that have been happening lately. We would love your help to ensure we can keep it up for years to come.

Thank you and see you in the streets

New stuff + Honk Parade

Hey everybody,

For the past ten months we’ve been serving a free weekly meal in Central Square that we cooked at Joseph’s house.  For the past five months we’ve also been doing a food rescue program over at Haymarket and delivering everything we can get to multiple shelters in the area.  We’re looking to expand but we need help.  We need you to come on out and cook.  We need kitchens.  We need locations to serve.  We need people to reach out to shelters and identify needs for the food from Haymarket. We need people to sort and carry the food. We need drivers to deliver the food. We need people who are willing to work on this website and social media.  We need people to compile and confirm resources in the community for those in need.  We need people to write literature to be handed out at the meals.   We need ideas on how to keep growing this thing we’ve been at for most of the year.  FNB used to do six meals a week out of three kitchens.  It’s not like the need for it has gone away.

If you want to get involved with the group head on over to the sign up sheet or come down to the weekly meeting at Encuentro 5 at 9A Hamilton Pl. in downtown Boston every Wednesday night at 7 p.m.  If you just want to stay informed about what we’re doing head on over to our email list sign up.  If you have a specific idea or way that you can help that isn’t any of those drop us a line.  Hopefully you’ll be hearing more from us on a more regular basis in the weeks and months to come.

Also, we’ll be marching in the Honk Parade this year.  Come on down and see the show or enjoy a meal with us at Winthrop Square just down the road from Harvard Square.  That’s where we’ll be serving.

And if you’re just hungry meet us in Central Square from 1-4 every Saturday.  We’d love to talk.

Youth Count

Many members of our community, including both those we serve, and those who participate in our actions, face homelessness and/or housing insecurity. We’re proud to support the MA Special Commission on Unaccompanied Homeless Youth. Right now, they need data on the homeless youth population in the state. If you are under 25 and impacted by housing instability to any extent, please consider taking this confidential survey. Please pass this on.


Spring Has Sprung

Hey, come join us this Friday April 22 at Encuentro 5 (9 Hamilton Pl Suite 2a, Boston, MA 02108, where we have our weekly meetings, so close to Park St Station) at 6:30 PM for a screening of PlantPure Nation. This event is open to the public. We’ll have an informal discussion of the film after we see it.

As always, we look forward to our next opportunity to share a meal with our community this Saturday in Central Square Cambridge, and we’d love to see you there too. Come help us out, grab a bite, or just chat for a bit. We’re also gearing up for Wake Up The Earth on May 7 in Jamaica Plain. Because that event falls on a Saturday, we’ll need extra people to cover both it and the Central Square meal that day, so if you’ve been thinking about getting involved, now is a great time!

Rain or Shine

It rained yesterday, but that didn’t stop us. We set up a temporary shelter and served hot, healthy vegan food in Central Square, Cambridge like we do every Saturday afternoon. We had a hearty stew of rice, potatoes, beans, and lots of vegetables, and bread for days. Come on down to help us plan for upcoming events, or put on the next meal!

We also sent a couple of members down to Washington, DC this weekend. We contributed to the DC Food Not Bombs chapter’s weekly meal in Franklin Square Park. Since the city shut down D.C. General, there’s been increased need for services in the area. We also supported MassCann and DCMJ in their civil disobedience action at the White House.

Join us, and various groups from all over Boston, tomorrow afternoon at 60 State Street, Boston, MA to #MakeGEPay. We’ll provide some baked goods. Come make your voice heard. Demand accountability from your representatives for how your money’s spent.

In Solidarity

We just had another great meal today in Central Square, Cambridge. We served up hot grilled vegetable sandwiches with homemade guacamole and beet/veggie soup. Our street medic friends came out to join us, providing jackets and hot herbal tea. We were glad to serve so many of our neighbors a hot, healthy, tasty, vegan meal.

This week, we collected donations for a special purpose. All $107 generously donated by the people of Cambridge, MA today have gone to the Durham Solidarity Center’s Freedom Fighter Bond Fund “in its mission to oppose state repression and support those who act in good conscience to advance the cause of justice and equity.” They have issued an urgent appeal for support. We stand in solidarity with them. If you’d like, you can donate to this cause as well.

Going Strong

Boston Food Not Bombs has been putting on a weekly meal every Saturday afternoon in Central Square, Cambridge for a couple of months now. Let’s keep that momentum going. We’d love for you to come join us! We have a brand new banner and fliers (pictured). Come on down, grab a bite to eat, and if you’d like to, you can participate in meal preparation, serving, and/or cleanup.

We’re excited to be growing as a group, expanding our networks, and obtaining the equipment we need to serve our community. We’re proud to stand in solidarity with our neighbors, and help each other out as we can. We look forward to several events this spring where we’d like to serve meals. We would love to put on a second weekly meal in or around Boston, and in particular we’d like to serve in Boston itself (since we have been mostly in Cambridge so far). Check back in soon to see how that all goes, or get involved to be a part of the action!fnb fliers

It’s been a minute.

Hey folks, it’s been just over half a year since the last update and there’s a bunch to talk about.

For the past three months we’ve had consistent weekly meetings at Encuentro 5, and in the past month and a half we’ve had three meals, there’s a lot of momentum behind the group right now and new members are always welcome to join us at a meeting or meal!

We served food at the Climate Change March, the First Night Against All Wars, the MLK Day March, and this Saturday (January 30th, 2016) we’re putting another meal under our belts in Central Square.

We’ll be serving food from the concrete island at the intersection of Prospect and Mass Ave at 1:00PM. Everyone is invited to eat and/or serve food. For those looking to do some hanging out indoors, anyone with the desire and means to help cook the meal is welcome to join us at my (Joseph!) house in east Cambridge. I’m not too keen on posting the address here, but I’ll send it your way if you join the event page or shoot me an email at (yes that’s my real email address).

I could go on and on about the positive momentum this group is having now, but to keep things short, come out to a meeting or meal, and join the Facebook Group to stay in the loop with what’s going on.

See you Saturday!


FNB is on a roll – come join us!

We’ve been busy; After supporting protests including the March on Monsanto, Black Live’s Matter protests, and First Night Against the Wars, we’re getting pumped for more!

 At the same time, some members have moved on, or will be soon, and we still need more core members. If you are at all interested, please come to our next meeting to learn more and get involved.
At our next meeting, we’ll be planning for the June 12th Dyke March event, as well as continuing to work on resources, and so on.
Please RSVP to our event, or if you cannot attend, take a moment to invite your friends!